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How important is it to pick the right Mortgage Broker?

VERY! It is extremely important to pick an outstanding mortgage broker. They can make or break a deal. Getting preapproved is only the first step, and having someone on your side through the buying process, especially in the crazy market that we are in.
Whether you are buying a home in Peterborough City or County, you need someone who has knowledge of our area, especially the rural properties. Also, if you are on the cusp of being approved, there are lenders that have more then one option. A "B" lender can help you get into the real estate market and get a head start to your future financial goals.

Should you go to someone at the branch?

In my opinion, NO! I love the people at the branch, but they just don't work the kind of hours that are required when we are putting together deals in short notice. A mortgage broker is on call to you just as I am. They can be affiliated with a particular bank, or independent. You can contact them anytime on their cell phone. They get paid commission, so their goal is to work hard to make the deal work. You need this person on your side.
I have many mortgage brokers I would be happy to suggest to you, from various different banks and mortgage companies. Please just ask as me and I would be happy to send you some names.

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