Home Staging

Staging your home!

Sometimes, but not very often, I have people get their house ready to sell and decide they love it so much they want to stay. So I thought I would talk about staging to sell, but also to stay.
One thing to note: NOBODY'S HOUSE IS SHOW READY! There is always a little effort to prepare your home for sale. So don't you wish you could live in a show ready home...sorry, it's not practical!
My background in design and many years of design consulting, along with 18+ years of real estate makes me your first call to get your house in order to sell. Even if you are a year away, I can help you decide where your money is best spent. And if you have met me, I love talking design, so have me over for a consultation!

For now here is a link to my "ideabooks" in both Houzz.com and Pinterest. Have a look...what do you think?