Home Staging

Staging your home!

Before we jump in and talking about preparing your home for sale, one thing that is very important to note: Nobody's house as you normally live, is show ready. There are always a few things to do to get your house ready for buyers to view your home in person. There is always a little effort to prepare your home for sale.

There are many levels that you can consider when getting your house ready to sell. Your home may be practically perfect but there is just one room that you can't quite figure out. Or maybe you need some decluttering and light staging with pillows and plants. Or maybe you are considering updating some flooring, or a vanity or a light or two before listing your home on the market. Knowing what can improve the value of your home, and what not to worry about can ease your mind as well as direct you to a plan of action.

My background in design along with 20+ years of real estate makes me your first call to get your house in order to sell.
Whether you are a couple of months away from selling, or a year, lets get together and make a plan.

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For Heather's house we took down the curtains which brightened up the living room added some furniture and accessories. This room looks fabulous now.

Changing the lighting in Heather's Home created another transformation. It is amazing how lighting can change a space. A few additions to the décor transformed this bedroom into a calming oasis.