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Staging your home!

With my knowledge of design and extensive experience in the real estate industry, I invite you to enlist me, your real estate agent, to evaluate your home and advise you on the most beneficial steps to take in order to secure the highest return on your property. I am confident that my guidance will enable you to achieve the best possible outcome for the sale of your home.

Selling a home can be an overwhelming and daunting task. It is important to note that nobody’s house is “show ready” as it is normally lived in. Preparing a home for sale requires some effort, and there are many levels that one can consider when getting a house ready to sell. Knowing what can improve the value of a home, or what not to worry about, can help to make the process easier and direct the seller to a plan of action. This article will discuss the steps to take when preparing a home for sale, from decluttering and staging to updating and renovating.

Decluttering and Staging
The first step in preparing a home for sale is to declutter and stage the property. This process involves removing any unnecessary items from the house, such as old furniture, knick-knacks, and decorations. It is also important to remove any personal items such as family photos and religious items. Once the house has been decluttered, it is time to stage the property. This involves adding items such as throw pillows, plants, and artwork to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. This can help potential buyers to envision themselves living in the home.

Updating and Renovating
The next step in preparing a home for sale is to update and renovate. This involves making any necessary repairs and updating any outdated features. This can include replacing old light fixtures and updating the kitchen, bathroom, and flooring. It is important to consider the cost of any updates or renovations and to ensure that they are worth the investment.

Preparing a home for sale can be a challenging and time-consuming process, but it is essential to ensure that the property is in the best condition possible. By decluttering and staging the home, updating and renovating, and considering the cost of any updates or renovations, a seller can ensure that their home is ready to be listed on the market.

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Before and After photos

For Heather's house we took down the curtains which brightened up the living room added some furniture and accessories. This room looks fabulous now.

Changing the lighting in Heather's Home created another transformation. It is amazing how lighting can change a space. A few additions to the décor transformed this bedroom into a calming oasis.