Home Staging

Staging your home!

Sometimes, but not very often, I have people get their house ready to sell and decide they love it so much they want to stay. So I thought I would talk about staging to sell, but also to stay.
One thing to note: NOBODY'S HOUSE IS SHOW READY! There is always a little effort to prepare your home for sale. So don't you wish you could live in a show ready home...sorry, it's not practical!
My background in design and many years of design consulting, along with 18+ years of real estate makes me your first call to get your house in order to sell. Even if you are a year away, I can help you decide where your money is best spent. And if you have met me, I love talking design, so have me over for a consultation!

For now here is a link to my "ideabooks" in both Houzz.com and Pinterest. Have a look...what do you think?

For Heather's house we took down the curtains which brightened up the living room added some furniture and accessories. This room looks fabulous now.

Changing the lighting in Heather's Home created another transformation. It is amazing how lighting can change a space. A few additions to the décor transformed this bedroom into a calming oasis.